Laser Metal Deposition For Restoration & Fabrication

Restore expensive & difficult to replace components; return parts to their original intended dimensions.

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Restoration and fabrication can be the perfect solution when parts are exceedingly expensive or difficult to replace due to supply chain disruption or other issues. Using laser cladding technology, we can reconstruct your parts and bring them back to their original specifications!

How Metal Parts are Restored & Fabricated

When parts begin to fail and difficulties in replacing them arise, restoration and fabrication can be a saving grace. By using laser metal deposition, we can create rough profiles up to 3 ½” thick. These profiles are affixed to the part, then machined back down to final dimensions, recreating otherwise irreplaceable parts that function like new again.

Industries we serve:
Power Generation
Oil and Gas/Mining
General Industrial
Chemical Processing
Pulp and Paper
Mold and Die Repair
Department of Defense

AS9100D & ISO9001
NBBI “R” Stamp

Partner with us to achieve success for your project — large, small, or somewhere in between.

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Our laser cladding services are performed with your specific applications in mind. From boiler tube, pump, and valve repair to assisting the Aerospace industry, learn how we can help with your project.

laser cladding - it’s what we do

Laser cladding (LC) is not a niche offering for us…. it’s what we do. Constantly striving to stay at the forefront of this fast-growing technology has resulted in a full staff dedicated to the science of LC. This expertise ranges from metallurgical sample evaluations to custom LC equipment designs. Helping you through feasibility, qualification, serial production, and up to onsite vertical integration is our daily routine. With annual powder deposition amounts now exceeding 32 tons, we’ve learned how to help you stay successful. We currently offer 24-hour/day laser cladding work cells whose part capacity ranges from ounces to multiple tons that are over 40 feet in length.

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