Wear resistant coatings, metallurgically bonded.

Your steel mill rolls can last FOUR TIMES LONGER!

Fight wear and tear with AEGIS Roll Defender

Offered in partnership with Mill Maintenance Services, AEGIS Roll Defender is the first in our American Cladiators℠ line of wear resistant coatings for steel industry equipment.

Our goal is to help you avoid all of the hassle that comes with downtime by extending the life and performance of your steel rolls. If you’re changing your table rolls, pinch rolls, guide rolls, etc. too often for your liking then you’ve come to the right place!

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How does it work?

Our Tungsten Carbide blend forms a wear resistant coating that is metallurgically bonded to steel rolls using laser cladding (also known as laser metal deposition).

Laser cladding offers the following process advantages:

  • Lower material costs due to thinner coatings
  • Minimal dilution and higher material hardness
  • Low heat affected zones mean less stress on your components
  • Faster than traditional processes like GTAW and MIG
  • Can repair used rolls or coat new ones!

New and used rolls can be clad with AEGIS Roll Defender.

We service:

  • Hot strip mill rolls: looper, table, pinch and guide rolls
  • Bar mill rolls: looper, pinch, guide and cooling bed rolls
  • Pickle line guide and flattener rolls
  • Pinion and line shafts

Be a legend | Conquer downtime

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