laser metal deposition
Corrosion/erosion-resistant overlays

Is Corrosion Costing You?

Protection from harsh operating conditions

Laser overlays extend the service life of components made with corrosion- and erosion-prone materials. A relatively thick layer (3 mm or 1/8 in.) of coating is applied to the surface of the equipment to provide a corrosion- and erosion-resistant surface.

Overlays can be applied to many components, from pipes and fittings to valves and vessels. In the waste to energy (WTE) market, large power generating boiler tubes are subjected to some of the most corrosive and erosive conditions known in the power generating industry. Specially developed laser clad coatings can extend the operating life of these tubes by up to six times.

Corrosion has met its match


While many components have corrosion allowance built into their wall thickness, the wastage rate can still be excessive for certain materials such as carbon steels or low alloy steels. The surface protection of overlays offer several benefits:

  • • Allows the substrate material to provide strength to meet codes and standards
  • • Enables the equipment to operate cost-effectively
  • • Significantly reduces downtime
  • • Extends operating life