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Corrosion has met its match



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Welcome to the Cladiators Academy!

We’ve assembled a variety of resources to help you learn about the technology of laser cladding and determine if the process is right for you.  Whether you need to protect equipment from corrosion, reduce wear, or restore parts to as-new condition, laser cladding can be a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.  Take a look through our resources, schedule a tech fair session, or contact one of our technical experts if you have questions or need advice. We’re here to help!

What is laser metal deposition, also known as laser cladding?

Our capabilities

American Cladding Capabilities Sales Sheet

Laser Cladding vs. Corrosion

Laser overlays extend the service life of components made with corrosion- and erosion-prone materials. Read more

Corrosion has met its match! 7 advantages of laser cladding for corrosion resistance. Learn more

Control corrosion, extend mining equipment life with laser cladding

Laser cladding combats corrosion in the oil and gas industry

Laser cladding – powerful wear and corrosion solutions for Power Generation

Is Corrosion Costing You?

Read more about different laser cladding applications









Whether you're at the beginning of a project, looking for solutions and support to resolve an issue, or seeking alternative methods to a current process, we can help. We offer Tech Days, Feasibility Studies, and Research and Development. Or schedule a meeting with our American Cladiator team and we'll work with you to determine if laser cladding is right for you.

BROCHURE: Valve Applications                         BROCHURE: Boiler Tube Applications                          SELL SHEET: Ball Valve Applications

 BROCHURE: Pump Applications

Request a feasibility study

Our experts can test the best combinations of powders and parent materials for your application and make recommendations to ensure a successful project.

In addition to feasibility studies, we can also conduct cross-section analysis and hardness testing.

A look at our feasibility study

LMD Coatings for Metal Seat Valve Components
Extend boiler tube life with laser metal deposition

Cladiators Academy Tech Day

Our technical experts will present a complimentary 1-2 hour session tailored to your company. The session will provide education about laser cladding technology and discuss how laser cladding can be used in a variety of applications.

Our Tech Day sessions will help you understand:

  • How the laser cladding process works
  • Typical alloy powders and deposition rates
  • Laser cladding applications for corrosion and erosion protection
  • Laser cladding applications for part repair and restoration
  • Laser cladding performance compared to thermal sprays and other processes
  • How laser cladding can be integrated into your production process

Learn more about our research and development/Application Lab Day

Do you have a question for one of your experts? Ask an expert a question using our online form or call us today at (860) 413-3098.

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December 28, 2017, Biomass Magazine ― Laser Cladding Advancements for Pressurized Boiler Components