What is laser cladding, anyway?

Not exactly sure what laser cladding is? It’s OK – we hear that a lot. So we thought we’d kick off our blog with a short video explaining laser cladding – also known as laser metal deposition – and showing how it works.

Very briefly, laser cladding uses a laser to deposit powdered metals on the surfaces of components to mitigate corrosion or erosion. Laser cladding helps protect and extend the life of valuable equipment by adding a protective coating.

Scott Poeppel explains more here:

Laser cladding is used in many industries, including aerospace, power generation including waste-to-energy, valve manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, and locomotive transportation.

In future blogs, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of laser cladding, and also explore some of the advances we’ve been working on to push the technology even further.

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