Repairing a coaxial nozzle for laser cladding

After repairs to the coaxial nozzle (above), our testing shows a fully aligned stream of powder exiting the nozzle.

We just wrapped up another successful project: repairing a coaxial nozzle used for laser cladding at a reduced cost and lead time for our customer, who previously had to ship the nozzles to Europe for repairs.

In laser cladding, a stream of metallic powder is fed through a nozzle and combined with a laser beam to apply a protective coating to a component. Over time, the powder causes wear to the nozzles.  In addition, if the inside and outside cones of a coaxial nozzle are not perfectly aligned, the powder stream is choked, the velocity drops and the powder comes out skewed, resulting in inaccurate and inefficient application.  If the powder wear is extensive, it can also blow a hole through the powder tube.  

In this project, we refurbished the inside cone of the nozzle and aligned the inside cone to the outside cone to make them concentric. We also replaced the three powder tubes using brazing.

After completing the repairs, we conducted trials to measure the powder efficiency before and after the repairs and provided a report to the customer. We also aligned their nozzle to a reference nozzle for a specific application and documented these test results for the customer. 

If you’d like more information about this project or want to discuss how this type of repair could be helpful for your project, get in touch with one of our experts here, or give us a call at 860-413-3098.