A look at our latest feasibility study

Feasibility studies are an important part of our work at American Cladding Technologies. We recently conducted a project involving side plates for a rock crushing machine for a quarry, which you can see in the video and photos below.

The customer is looking to improve the lifespan of these plates for a couple of reasons: not only are the plates expensive to replace when they wear through, but the installation time is a day’s worth of work.

Left picture: Showing current wear pattern for rock crushing side plate.
Right picture: A new side plate with the laser applied coating which will be installed for testing.

In our development trial with the quarry, we used laser metal deposition (also known as laser cladding) to coat one side plate in a tungsten carbide alloy. Take a look at the video to see the cladding process:

The other side plate is the control and was left untreated. The quarry will test them in the field and compare the performance.

We’re always interested in experimenting with different processes to help customers advance their products. Learn more about our feasibility studies and applications lab here.