Industries We Serve

American Cladding Technologies, Inc. serves some of the largest industries in the country, providing them with high-quality, cost-effective solutions for in-demand industry needs. Below is a list of a few industries we are currently working in.

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  • Primary and secondary superheaters
  • Water-walls and platens
  • Turbine blades and vanes
  • Valve seating surfaces
  • Wind turbine gears
  • IGT shaft and spline repairs
  • Pump / motor shaft repairs and wear coatings
  • Coal spreader wear coatings

  • Corrosion-resistant coatings
  • Valve seating surfaces
  • Pump / motor shaft repairs and wear coatings

  • Material restorations
  • Turbine component repairs
  • Wear coatings
  • Fuel nozzle repairs

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  • Locomotive and turbo wear components
  • Marine shaft repairs

  • Primary and secondary superheaters
  • Large roll ― journal restorations

  • Tunnel boring wear coatings
  • Down hole wear coatings

  • Level 1 / Sub-safe components

researchResearch and Development / Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive testing and consulting services

American Cladding Technologies’ in-house applications laboratory provides an array of testing and consulting services for our customers. Our experts can test the best combinations of powders and parent materials for your application and make recommendations to ensure a successful project.

In addition to feasibility studies, we can also conduct cross-section analysis and hardness testing.

Applications Lab Day

To better serve our OEM customers, American Cladding Technologies has created a more hands-on approach to feasibility development.

In a typical approach for process development, we found that our customers almost always had follow-up and “what if” questions after receiving their samples. Most of the questions were due to customers not having a full awareness of the advantages and limitations of the laser metal deposition (LMD) process.

As a result, we now invite our customers on-site for the initial development phase to work with our engineers and technicians on the actual LMD platforms during an Applications Lab Day.

  • • Customers learn the fundamentals of the LMD process along with providing a more complete picture of how LMD pertains to their actual components.

  • • Customers can provide real-time feedback during development and can help make decisions about how they would like the development to proceed.
  • • At the end of the day, customers can usually leave the facility with their samples in hand.

Learn more about how our applications lab can assist you by talking to one of our experts.

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